Animation Stand - DYI


We don’t always have the chance of shooting a film at the NFB on a super animation stand. In my case, I animated Cumulus at home on an set-up I assembled myself using a bunch of stuff I found on ebay.

Like the camera and lens combination, creating your own animation stand requires is a process of trial and error. The trickiest component to find was the base onto which you’ll attach your camera. You want it to be super solid. The best solution I found was an old-school photo enlarger that I purchased on ebay. As you can see in the image, it’s composed of a long vertical pole that’s affixed to a heavy base. The second piece (a sort of crossbar) attaches itself to the main pole and juts out. Usually these enlargers have a special plate onto which you’ll attach your camera. The whole thing is bulky but weight is important because you don’t want anything to move in order to avoid camera shake. © Philippe Vaucher 2013