From Sand to Salt - 3

Cumulus 1

The prospect of animating my next film, The Well, in salt rather than sand was interesting. But, before making the switch from sand to salt, I wanted to test out the new medium first. I was, after all, quite good at animating sand. So, just from a technical point of view, I needed to know if salt was any different from sand? Were the skillsets similar or would I have to start from scratch?  Also I needed to know if salt would suit my film esthetically? Could I animate a whole film using the stuff? 

Cumulus 3

In order to answer these questions, I decided to animate a smaller project: Cumulus (2011) in salt coloured. I was really pleased with the results and found that both techniques (salt and sand) are almost identical. The only difference is that salt is more translucent than sand. As such, it's nearly impossible to recreate the rich, dark tones of sand animation. The pros, however, outweighed the cons, so I decided that I'd animate The Well in salt. The next few pages shall present a brief overview of the basic equipment, the tools and the techniques used in salt (and sand) animation. © Philippe Vaucher 2013