From Sand to Salt (Introduction to a medium)


Before I started animating in salt, I first worked in sand. It was Mary Murphy, teacher and author extraordinaire, who first introduced me to sand animation while I was completing a Masters in the UK. 


After two days spent animating grains of sand on a light-table, I had managed to produce and a little film called Zen! I also knew that I had finally found MY medium. 

The technique spoke to me for two reasons. First off, I loved the contrasts created by the interplay of sand and light. Secondly, I loved the immediacy of a medium that enabled me have a finished product at the end of a day of shooting. This was especially gratifying because I was used to the lenghty process of animating on paper using various drawing techniques (pencils, pastels, inks, charcoal, etc.) as my films can attest to.

The result of this sandy love affair was my MA film: Wuji (2008). © Philippe Vaucher 2013