Lens flicker 2

Finding the right manual focus lens for your animation is a bit of a crap shoot. Here are some of the problems you might encounter:

  1. LensNot all manual focus lenses will work with your camera
  2. Not all manual focus lenses will be compatible with your stopmotion software
  3. Manual focus lens are not really made anymore (except perhaps by Nikon). You can get them secondhand but it's hard to test them first if you're buying from eBay or a pawnshop
  4. Even if you find the right manual focus lens (that works with your camera and your stopmotion software) you still need to check for flickering

I recommend testing as many lens as possible with your camera AND your stopmotion software. I found my lens at a pawnshop and it works great! But I also had to try at least 10 other different lenses before I found the right one.

Be careful: the back of some zoom lenses are really deep, so make sure you have enough space between the mirror inside of your camera and the back of your lens. If not, you risk breaking your mirror (which is really bad).

But you're still not out of the woods yet; even with an old manual lens, you still might experience some flickering. 

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