Lens flicker 3

Image flicker can also be caused by the sensors between your lens and the camera. These sensors can pick up extra info that will make your photos and animation flicker.  

So, not only you might need to get an old manual focus lens, you might also need to block the signal from these sensors. Some people put tape over the sensors but I didn't find it necessary. 


My solution was to use a Nikon lens on my Rebel body. I know that it sounds counter-intuitive (and somewhat dirty) but, it worked for me. 

When you perform this strange feat, you'll need to put an adaptor on the lens (so it attaches onto another company's product). This adaptor creates a buffer between the lens and the body that blocks the sensors. At least this is what I think happened. In any case, the flickering stopped with this Canon body/ Nikon lens combo.

Because big companies aren't too keen on cross-platform compatibility, I had to buy the adaptor on eBay from China (where patents don't matter). I wondered at first if this somewhat esoteric trick would work, but I received the 5$ ring shortly after and my Nikon lenses now fits perfectly on my Canon Rebel's body.

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